Day 3

California Soul Road Trip – Day 3

Day 3

   Fresno Here We Come


We decided last night to call it a trip, but visiting Fresno to see Brandon’s parents and get a tour of their vineyard was what we were going to do for the day. Brandon’s parents are just down home good people! The first time I visited them was about 10 years ago for Thanksgiving, and they made me fill right at home. I have always said that Ray Jacobsen, Brandon’s dad is one the kindest people that I have ever met.

The drive was a brutal 3 hours of nothingness along that stretch of 5, but as soon as we got into Fresno and saw Mr. Jacobsen’s smile, it was all worth it. He is one of the nicest people that I’ve ever met.


Since the last time I was at the ranch, vineyard, Mr. Jacobsen has expanded with the addition of more buildings that houses his massive tractors and harvesting equipment. We started with a tour of the massive 300+ acre farm full of beautiful lush green vines of Cabernet, Pino Grigio grapes, and grapes designated for raisins. If you ever wondered where our CA raisins came from, here was one of the ranches that produces them.

We weaved in and out of roads filled with vines of new grapes and more equipment. The grapes were small, but by August they will be ready to harvest.

I thought visiting Napa was an incredible wine educational experience, until I went to Fresno. Napa may be more asthetically pleasing to some peoples eyes, but Mr Jacobsen, gave Malaika and I an education that no Napa Tour could ever match because he has lived and breathed J & L Vineyards since the 1980’s.


After our 3 hours of laughing, talking, and being educated, we were huuunggry! Mr. Jacobsen being the man that he is, took us gals out to lunch. He highly recommended everything you see that we had for lunch, burritos, enchiladas, and burgers. YUMMY!


We all know that all good things must come to an end, and our time at the ranch, was over. Before we left, the Jacobsen’s invited us back up to Fresno in August for the harvest. It sounded like fun, and I’m excited to go back.


Even though Malaika and I didn’t travel through Joshua Tree, San Diego and the southern coastline, we still traveled 1005 miles and visited 11 places along the way. I’d say that was a lot of places. Our lives are forever inspired and enriched by the many people that filled our mind, bodies, and souls with love and joy.


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