Blue Ridge Parkway

At first, I notice a hesitation and fear that came over my dad’s face when I told him that we were going to take a day trip to the mountains by driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway, because he worried about mainly finding bathrooms along the way i case he had to use them. As any person who has phyiscal ailments and uncontrollable bowels would fear any embarrassing situation. So I understood completely. I constantly reassured him that there were always places for him to stop and relieve himself if he needed to . “So don’t worry pops. I’ll take care of you.”, I said. Once he was reassured, he was excited to and see the mountains.

We left early and headed for our destination, Little Switzerland, NC. It’s the only town that is positioned on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It received it’s name because the hotels, motels, restaurants were built to look like Swiss style buildings and not to mention they were perched within the Appalachian Mountains.







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